Do I Need a Permit to Remodel My Kitchen in New Jersey?

Learn about the different types of permits required for kitchen remodeling in New Jersey. Find out what kind of changes require a permit and how to get one.

Do I Need a Permit to Remodel My Kitchen in New Jersey?

Whenever a kitchen and bathroom remodel takes place in New Jersey, permits must generally be filed with the local municipality. Permits are divided into 3 main categories: Construction, Electricity and Plumbing. Another important permit you'll need to remodel your kitchen is any change in the structure of your home. For a kitchen remodel, this means adding or removing walls.

Since walls are an integral structural component, it is essential to obtain a permit before making any changes. The city will review the plans to make sure that the removal or addition of a wall does not compromise the integrity of the home. The last thing you want is for your ceiling to collapse in your new kitchen right when you're done. Not all construction works require a permit, such as ordinary and “minor” works, which may include painting, cladding buildings, installing windows and doors, plumbing, some electrical work, repairing a roof, and interior renovations, such as new floors and paints.

RWC Windows, Doors and More can provide you with everything you need for your bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects.One more thing to consider is if you're remodeling an existing kitchen or remodeling another room to turn it into a kitchen. It's essential that you partner with a home remodeling contractor who can process all New Jersey building permits and who is responsible for ensuring that all modifications and additions to your project are made according to New Jersey building code standards. Plumbing and electrical permits are needed to guarantee that the changes are recorded and are safe for the home.The advantage of working with a full-service kitchen, bathroom, window and door design and installation company is that they will generally handle all the details related to work permits and inspections for your home remodeling project. The changes will be discovered and you may not be able to sell or rent your home without having to do all the hard work or pay fines, pay inspectors and continue to obtain permits.The exact kitchen remodeling permits you need will vary depending on what you change and where you live.

A good remodeling contractor will also represent your interests during inspections that will take place before and after occupancy is allowed. This is the agency that issues permits for modifications, additions, new construction and inspections for residential and commercial structures.